The Witch of Blackbird Pond
adapted from the Newbery Award novel by Elizabeth George Speare
© 1996

witch @ sct

Chris Bennion, Seattle Children's Theatre

Intolerance and misunderstanding in Puritan New England. Young Kit Tyler runs afoul of authorities and popular mores when she moves from Barbados to Massachusetts. What seems to her to be innocent free expression, turns ugly when she befriends an older Quaker woman.

witch @ emerson
Emerson College

Commissioned and premiered by Seattle Children's Theatre.

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witch @ the coterie

Marianne Kilroy from the Coterie Theatre

6 adult male, 6 adult female, 1 juvenile female, 1 puppeteer
full-length (70-minute version cut script also available)
flexible, multi-location set

available from
author's agent

witch @ the coterie

Bellevue Community College photo credit: Michael Brunk

Note: A license to produce this pay can only be granted if written permission has been received from owner of the underlying rights to the original book.


Larry E. Martindale, CPA
18915 Nordhoff Street, suite 5
Northridge, CA 92324
818/700.2989 (fax)

witch @ sct

Chris Bennion, Seattle Children's Theatre

Weathervane Playhouse

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