Y York has written pieces that have been variously described (by others) as monologues, monodramas, stories, performance pieces, or poems. Some of them were performed by Y in the 1980s under the title Deceptions Major and Minor, some were performed in the 1990s at the Seattle late-night show House of Dames; some were performed as Y York: No Props, some were performed by actors at Honolulu Theatre for Youth as a part of Christmas Talk Story, and some were never performed at all. Some became source material for characters and stories that ended up in plays. Others have been used by actors as monologue pieces.

Recently, during the Year of the Pandemic, Y began releasing new stories online, performed by herself and other actors.

The stories below can be downloaded and printed as pdf files. They are protected by copyright; however, actors are free to use them as audition monologues as long as they credit the author.

The Lady Who....

Other Stories


Finders Keepers
I Hate Hawaii
Lord of the Rings Christmas
Mr. Tsuda
Paula the Ugly
The Magic Bag
The Real Prize
The Strange Disappearance of Young Doctor Young
The Wallet
Try to Be a Woman







Stories on Video

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